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Our mission:

To ensure our clients get well compensated for the risks they bear

JCP Investment Partners (formerly JF Capital Partners) is a specialist, wholesale Australian focused equities investor.  We are a research-driven, fundamental growth manager.  We specialise in managing high conviction, after-tax and risk customised portfolios for institutional clients.

Our firm was founded in 1998 as a joint venture with JP Morgan Asset Management, but is now 100% owned by our employees, directors and long-term advisors, after acquiring JP Morgan's 50% stake in 2010.

Our investment team is well resourced (16 investment professionals), experienced (average 17 years industry experience), and stable.  Over the last decade, the team has delivered consistently strong investment returns through different market and economic environments.

Our strategic commitment is to a large in-house, risk-based research effort, supported with external proprietary research. This commitment is combined with a rigorous investment platform that has been developed over the last 17 years, with advice from three of Australia's best finance and strategy academics.

Our strong competitive advantage comes from combining the art and science of investing, whereby we:

Generate investment insights through targeted proprietary research (art)

Process these insights into consistent probability-weighted risk/return research outputs (science)

Generate investment ideas (buy and sell ideas) through smart portfolio optimisation (science)

Filter ideas through a sensible and experienced qualitative overlay process (art)

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