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About Us

Founded in 1998, JCP is a research-driven, fundamental investment manager with the proven ability to add strong positive excess returns and diversification benefits to client portfolios. JCP currently manages six strategies:

  • Benchmark Based;
  • Benchmark Based Low Risk;
  • Benchmark Insensitive;
  • Long-Short;
  • Small Companies Long-Short; and
  • Absolute Return.

We offer a range of enhancements for each of our investment strategies. For example, all of our strategies can be managed on an after-tax basis.

Our strategic commitment is to a large ‘in house’ investment team focused on generating real investment insights from in-depth proprietary research. We have a well resourced and stable investment team with the depth of experience to add significant value in different market and macro-economic environments.

Our strong competitive advantage comes from combining the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of investing. This means more efficient processing of research insights into consistent probability-weighted return and risk outputs, and more efficient idea generation through smart optimisation combined with a sensible qualitative overlay.

With over 17 years of organisational experience we have a proven performance record in both bull and bear markets. Balance sheet reserves, profitability and no financial debt reflect our robust business model.

JCP is 100% owned by Capital Partners Group Limited (a company owned by the employees of JCP). Our ownership structure aligns our interests with those of our clients. The company holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. 247132.

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