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Mission, Values, Culture

Mission Statement:

To ensure our clients get well compensated for the risks they bear.


Client focus

We act as investment agents for our clients: our fiduciary responsibility to them is our primary concern

Team work

We work in teams that encourage respectful debate and critical review to promote objective and astute decision-making


We seek insightful information and efficient processes from which to build real competitive advantage


We recognise the need to weigh short-term economic gains against long-term ethical, social and environmental impacts


Our culture promotes rational risk-taking, and specifically encourages our people to:

  • Recognise uncertainty when other investors are over-confident.
  • Invest based on probabilities and payoffs when other investors are too risk-averse.
  • Act on an objective assessment of available information, despite residual uncertainty.
  • Judge decisions not only on results, but also on how they were made.

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