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After Tax Investing

JCP offers a range of enhancements for each of our investment strategies. For example, all of our strategies can be managed on an after-tax basis.

Our investment platform is well suited to efficiently managing tax within client portfolios. Not only can we increase after-tax investment returns, we can tailor client portfolios to their individual tax rates.

After-tax investing can be a source of extra returns to clients and is particularly important in lower return environments where efficient tax management can add a significant proportion of the returns to client portfolios.

Our investment process may include up to four techniques to deal with taxes:

  • Forecasting franking credits and recognising their value based on a clients' tax rate
  • Recognising CGT in portfolio returns in the optimisation process
  • Managing holding period with respect to the 'less than 12 month rule'
  • Participating in off-market buy backs

For further information on our product enhancements please contact us.

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